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A community celebrating the EPIC LOVE of Major Evan Lorne and Dr. David Parrish

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Community description:stories, art & discussion about David Parrish/Evan Lorne
This comm is for the Stargate Atlantis slash pairing of Parrish/Lorne, or Dr. David Parrish and Major Evan Lorne.

The comm exists on both Dreamwidth and Livejournal. Feel free to post to either, or preferably both.
Dreamwidth address:
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Rules of the Comm
Updated July 2017

- All fanworks are welcome. Fic, Art, Graphics, Vids, Fanmixes, anything else you can think of!
- Fanworks MUST be centered on Parrish/Lorne, Parrish or Lorne. If they are a "secondary" pairing in a fic, they have to feature in at least a quarter of that fic. NOT just half a paragraph acknowledging their existence.
- YOU MUST WARN FOR RAPE/NON-CON, CHARACTER DEATH, or VIOLENCE. Other warnings are at author/artist's discretion.
- please use LJ cuts for all fanworks posted directly here. Otherwise, post a header + the link to your fanwork.
- Please use a Header:
here is an example.

you may also include - word count and/or authors notes.
- please tag your work, I am currently updating the tags, if you do not yet have an author/artist tag, you can ask for one.
- ANY problems, please PM me - [personal profile] squidgiepdx
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